"...and a little child shall lead them all." Isaiah 11:6

The School of Prayer of the Holy Childhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary is inspired by the apocryphal tradition that at three years old, the Infant Mary was consecrated to GOD in the Temple of Jerusalem.

There she spent the remainder of her childhood in praise of the Most High GOD Whose Presence in the Holy of Holies captivated her sweet, pure Heart in undivided and adoring love.

It is this consecration, this praise, this single gaze of worshiping love that you will learn to imitate at the School of Prayer HCBVM

For through the sacraments of His Church, the Most High GOD has made your body His Temple, and your spirit His Holy of Holies, where even now He awaits your sacrifice of praise.

You are now invited to open our student textbook and begin reading. Once you have read the whole book, practice The Rule of Daily Prayer. Then... "Go and take your place in the temple area, and tell the people everything about this life." Acts 5:20